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Real Estate Brokerage?

Broker Sponsorship

We work to help you succeed in your real estate business

Do you want to start your very own Texas Real Estate Brokerage?

Black Tie Realty can make this happen for you! You don’t have to be a Broker! All we require is for you to have a Texas Real Estate Salesperson License and some experience – after all, you are starting a legitimate real estate brokerage.

You first need to form a Texas Limited Liability Company (LLC) and then file with the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) for a Business Entity Broker’s License. We act as the individual sponsoring broker.

We have access to

We can join any board in Texas. If your board isn’t listed, just let us know.

Now we know this can get a bit overwhelming. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

We can help you setup the new LLC or amend the LLC if you already have an existing one; Help obtain the required E&O Insurance; Help obtain an EIN for the LLC (IRS); File the TREC application and email them the supporting documents; Plus provide excellent broker support along with our standard Brokerage Office Policy and Procedures Guideline!hav

Brokerage Office Programs

Let Us Help You Become Independent

LLC - Limited Liability Company Brokerage

With our LLC Brokerage option, you get to build and grow your own real estate company and hire other agents to work for your office. It’s just that simple! You form a company owned solely by you, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that offers you the personal asset protection you need, we will then sponsor this registered entity under our personal Texas Real Estate Brokers License.

DBA - Teams & Groups

Here at Black Tie Realty, We sponsor both Teams and Groups with the same thought as our sponsored LLCs, but at a reduced cost – first team member is $147 per month and $47 for each additional member. Recruit other agents and negotiate their commission split… 100% commission, unlimited transaction, E&O insurance included with no hidden fees.

Take a look at what we have to offer and the benefits of building your own business, and begin branding your own Team.

Apartment Locator Sponsorship

At we firmly believe our agents should be able to keep more commission income.

That’s why our pricing is better than the competition.

Own Your Apartment Locator Business

Since is not affiliated with a Realtor® board or MLS, we pass that savings on to you. Our agents are not Realtors, they are Apartment Locator agents, therefore, don’t require MLS or any board affiliation.
Avoid paying your broker thousands and Assocation fees for something you won’t need.

Freedom to Brand, Build and Own your business.