LLC Sponsorship

What is the Black Tie Realty -
LLC Sponsorship?

Black Tie Realty’s LLC Sponsorship is a great option if an agent wants to own a real estate brokerage but have not yet meet the requirements for a broker license, or do not want to pay the extra licensing expenses for an individual broker license.  With Black Tie Realty’s LLC Sponsorship, your LLC receives a broker entity business license and all your commission and listings will be through your LLC.  That means property listings are in your brokerage name instead of ours!

Initial monthly sponsorship fee is waived if you purchase a Turnkey Package!

Your initial monthly fee is charged when you first join. If in the middle of the month, your first month will be prorated, thereafter, recurring fee begins the 1st day of the following month.

You will be responsible for the following:


  • Completing the E&O insurance application.There are many insurance providers and prices vary depending on provider and your circumstances so you will have to send in the application yourself, but we will help you complete the application if necessary.
  • State and Federal tax filings– we highly suggest working with a CPA / tax pro as soon as possible (if you’re not already).
  • We’ll send in the paperwork to establish your office account with your Realtor association(s) but you’ll have to pay the office setup fee as well as ongoing quarterly fees.
  • Everything else – we’ll provide a breakdown of what you can expect after submitting the inquiry form below.

LLC Sponsorship Plan Details

You only pay us a monthly fee for our Black Tie Realty’s LLC Sponsorship.  No signup fee, no transaction fees, no annual fees, no other fees at all!


  • Broker Support
  • Customizable document templates (for example: buyers’ guides, listing presentations, office docs, and more.)

Turnkey LLC Sponsorship Setup

  • TXSOS – Certificate of Formation for Business Entity
  • TREC – Application for Brokers License by Business Entity
  • TREC – Change of Designated Broker for Business Entity
  • ​TREC – Certificate of Insurance for Business Entity
  • IRS – EIN Form SS-4
  • TXSOS – Add A Member to Your LLC

Total cost for a Turnkey LLC Sponsorship Setup: Contact Us

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